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Get Hip Get Green brings reusable shopping bags to a forefront of both "E"s: environmentalism and education. With four styles of bags that encourage users to get- hip- get- green and love-this-planet, Get Hip Get Green will be selling bags to help alleviate the amount of other bags that are regularly discarded and not recycled.

"I think that environmental education and empowering others is so important for the future of our planet. I have always been environmentally aware" says Lisa Leija creator of Get Hip Get Green. "If I can help others take part in helping to preserve our natural resources through something as simple as using reusable bags, then I'll have made a difference."

Each sale will also mean a donation to the children's environmental group, The Green Ambassadors. The Green Ambassadors provide high school students with experiences that foster personal growth, community service, cross-culture and global exchange and leadership skills to tackle the most critical environmental issues facing our planet.

Leija: Children are the future. And the future is green!

Love This Planet!
Lisa Leija


About Our Bags

Each Bag comes with hangtag that explains just some of the issues facing the environment today.

Each Bag holds the equivalent load of 3-4 plastic bags or 2 Paper bags.

Each bag is made from non-woven polypropolene and is 100% recyclable.

Five of our Bags will hold the contents of a completely filled grocery cart.

Each bag has a bottom stiffener that protects groceries and that can be easily removed for a quick wipe down.

World wide we consume nearly 1 million plastic bags per minute. By using my bag you can help reduce this startling statistic.

  Lightweight and Durable
Recyclable and Reusable
Resistant to Corrosion
Hypoallergenic and Non-Toxic
Washable and Water Repellent

We offer bulk rates for orders over 100 bags if interested please contact us at info@gethipgetgreen.com or call (866)782.7257.

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